Sport Tasman is lead by a dynamic group of people who manage the operations side of the Trust and three significant pillars of Operations, Community Sport and Facilities.


Nigel Muir

Nigel Muir:

Chief Executive Officer

Nigel brings a wealth of experience to the Trust.  He has an MBA from the University of New South Wales with former positions including Marketing Director with Mars Inc Australia, Marketing Manager Meadow Lea Foods and Corporate Affairs Manager for Goodman Fielder Ltd.  Nigel has won various awards for his work, is a former representative athlete for Wellington and Marlborough and actively involved in junior sports coaching.

Phone: 03 546 3301                  Mobile: 027 546 3301


PA: Kirsty Scammell, phone 546 3302

 Tony Thomas

Tony Thomas:

General Manager - Community Sport

Tony is one of the most experienced Sports Trust General Managers in the country with over 25 years experience in the Sport and Recreation sector. Tony has a proven track record in sport at the highest level managing the Sydney Olympic Beach Volleyball tournament officials and represented New Zealand in Volleyball.

Phone: 03 546 3303                 Mobile: 027 486 3990


TEAM: Melanie Greenwood, Manager Community Sport (Marlborough)

TEAM: Lesley McIntosh, Manager Community Sport (Nelson/Tasman)

TEAM: Kim Boyce-Campbell, Advisor Community Sport (Kaikoura)

TEAM: Katie Arden, Senior Advisor Community Sport (Events)

TEAM: Jane Miles, Advisor Community Sport (Events)


Paul Marlow:

General Manager - Operations

An accountant, Paul brings a safe set of hands and sharp mind to managing a forever changing budget of funders and investment schedules.

Phone: 03 546 3334


TEAM: Mike Moore, Busines Relationship Manager

TEAM: Kirsty Scammell, Communications/PA to CEO

TEAM: Lynette Lloyd, HR/Finance Administrator

TEAM: Kaylene Rae, Finance Administrator

TEAM: Natalie Hardiman, Office Administrator 

 Brent Maru

Brent Maru:

General Manager - Facilities

Brent has 25 years’ experience in the recreation sector in particular facility management, most recently 7 years as General Manager – Facilities with Sport Tasman.  A key to success Brent said that being an active member of the community is a key focus and as such continues his involvement in the local community as BoT Chair of Motueka High School, Chair of the Motueka Community Board and as a Justice of the Peace.

Phone: 027 285 7075              Mobile: 027 285 7075


TEAM: Jody Maru, Facility Manager - Motueka Recreation Centre

TEAM: Mary-Ann McNatty, Facility Manager - Richmond Town Hall

TEAM: Hayden Bryant,  Facility Manager - Saxton Stadium

Lesley McIntosh 

Manager Community Sport (Nelson)

Phone: 03 546 3339          Mobile: 029 771 0742


TEAM: Andy Morris, Senior Advisor Community Sport (Capability)

TEAM: Julie Price, Advisor Community Sport (Clubs & Codes)

TEAM: Janice Oliver, Advisor Community Sport (Schools)

TEAM: Jenny Dravitzki, Advisor Community Sport (Early Childhood)

TEAM: Jeni Thornborough, Advisor Community Sport (RSD for TSSSC)

TEAM: Wendy Bettjeman, Advisor Community Sport (Westport)

TEAM: Gina Persico Cycling Co-ordinator (Nelson/Tasman)


Mel Greenwood 

Manager Community Sport (Marlborough)

Phone: 03 577 8855


TEAM: Braden Prideaux, Advisor Community Sport

TEAM: Rory Crawford, Advisor Community Sport

Jody Maru:

Facility Manager - Motueka Recreation Centre

Phone: 03 528 8228           Mobile: 027 285 7071


TEAM: Wendy Brown, Assistant Manager (Gym Trainer)

TEAM: Haidee Van Zoelen, Advisor Sport & Recreation

TEAM: Teigan Maru, Youth Worker

TEAM: Sharon Pugh, Admin/Reception

TEAM: Hannah Appleton, Brodie Maru, Lila Scholes -  Recreation Assistants

TEAM: Anna Wood and Melanie Riley, Group Fitness Instructors

Mary-Ann McNatty: 

Facility Manager - Richmond Town Hall

Phone: 03 544 3955        Mobile: 027 544 3955


TEAM: Anna Kuipers, Recreation Assistant (Club 50) & Fitness Instructor

Hayden Bryant:

Facility Manager - Saxton Stadium

Phone: 03 538 0072        Mobile: 027 538 0072


TEAM: Steve MacDonald, Recreation Assistant

TEAM: Nicole Shand, Advisor Community Programmes

TEAM: Briar Luff  Recreation Assistant

TEAM: Seth Watson, Recreation Assistant

TEAM: Hamish McKenzie, Recreation Assistant

Kim Boyce-Campbell

Advisor Community Sport (Kaikoura)

Phone: 03 319 5026 Ext 236

Mobile 029 773 1524



Wendy Bettjeman

Advisor Community Sport (Westport)

Phone: 03 789 6779



Organisation Structure as at June 2017.

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