Tired of having to travel to get more active, more often?

Look no further!  The Marlborough Community Hubs project was established in 2009 to provide Marlborough communities with local physical activity and health promotion opportunities through the establishment of Community Hubs. 

Six Marlborough Community Hubs are presently located in:

Havelock Hub

Hub coordinator: Janet Brownson

Phone: (03) 574 2555


Redwoodtown Hub

Hub coordinator: Wendy Reynolds

Phone: (03) 579 4446


Picton Hub

Hub coordinator: Dale Ashworth

Phone: (03) 573 5400

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Awatere Hub

Hub Coordinator: Lil Broadhurst

Phone: (03) 575 7975


Riversdale Hub

Hub Coordinator: Sue Houghton

Phone: (03) 578 0469

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Renwick Hub

Hub Coordinator:  Joe Keighley

Phone: (03) 572 8850

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Each Hub employs a Co-ordinator to engage their local community with relevant physical activity and health promotion opportunities.  Our Community Sport Advisor Braden Prideaux, employed by Sport Tasman supports the Co-ordinators to develop programmes, work sustainably and connect the Marlborough community with individual Hubs.

Contact Braden Prideaux to find out what a Marlborough Community Hub in your neighbourhood can offer you!

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