Board Governance

Effective governance is the key to a strong future for any organisation, whether it be a multi-national corporation, trust or a community organisation. Board directors and trustees are the people who provide the guardianship and leadership to protect and develop an organisation's assets as it moves into the future. No matter what the business of an organisation, whether board members are volunteers or full-time professional corporate directors, or whether the organisation is a company, trust or an incorporation, the fundamentals of governance and board work remain the same.

Committee Rule

An understanding of the roles and responsibilities of committee members and the committee meeting process is an essential part of being an effective committee member. Knowing how to take part in meetings and run them skillfully gives people power to make democratic decisions and act on them

Communication Strategies

The ability to establish a communication plan is a key component of best business practice. In essence a stakeholder communications plan is primarily a 'public relations' plan as it outlines who you need to communicate with, about what, how you are going to do it, and how often.

Event Planning & Management

Events are the lifeblood of sport and competitions and are the principal purpose behind the years of training and preparation for athletes and coaches.  For an athlete to compete on home soil provides a further incentive to excel.  An event at home can also be the catalyst for broader success - the chance to introduce the sport to new participants, and increase profile, funding, facility provision, influence and prestige, both at home and abroad.Careful event planning & management can make the difference between a successful event and one that fails.

Event Risk Management

Event risk management has attracted a lot interest over the last couple of years following a number of high profile cases which have raised a lot of issues and increased awareness of the need to have good risk management in place. This resource should help you gain an understanding of event risk management and identifying risk, as well as how to develop an event risk management plan.

Funding & Sponsorship

There are over 30,000 registered charitable organisations in New Zealand and this number is steadily growing.  Fundraising is changing.  There are now relatively few sources of funds that are stable and the amount of funding available is ever decreasing.  Organisations therefore need to find new sources of funding and plan their approach so that it is more professional.


In recent times, sport clubs and facilities have begun to appreciate the many benefits of attracting people with a disability to their club or facility.  Often inclusion is a matter of providing and promoting low entry levels to your sport but it can also involve higher level competition for those with the ability.  The purpose of this resource is to enable the reader to develop a basic understanding of Inclusion as it relates to a sport or recreation organisation.

Leadership Development

Every organisation requires a leader or leaders and good leaders will help the success of your organisation.  It is up to your organisation to identify and support potential leaders and create a culture where they are allowed to develop and continue to be an asset for you. A great leader will guarantee the success and continued growth and development throughout your organisation.

Membership Recruitment

The recruitment of newer and younger members ensures that you're building a participation base for the next generation of top players.  Members can also be involved in other areas of club business outside of playing. Just as important to the survival of the club and code, the recruitment of administration personnel, officials, volunteer staff and even supporters are well worth considering to gain the required growth and development of your club or sport.

School & Community Partnership

Successful school and community links are essentially partnerships between a school and community organisation. The formal or informal arrangement is essentially an agreement to gear young people up to a lifelong involvement in sport and physical activity. It should highlight opportunities for young people, assist young people to realise and achieve their potential and agree on developing best practice standards of provision of physical activity for young people.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning deals with issues affecting the organisation's successful future.  Strategic planning assesses the current influences on your organisation,it provides a clear direction for an organisation, it gets everyone working together towards common goals, it creates ownership of the organisation by its members, it provides a sound platform for decisions to be made on and in the future, it helps guide an organisation through any major changes or developments, it identifies areas to improve and it lead an organisation to pursue its mission and objectives.

Volunteer Management

Volunteers are an essential part of all organisations. They are the heart of sport in New Zealand.  This resource provides useful information on recruitment, retention and recognition of volunteers.


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