Sportsville is a concept where many different user-groups are catered for collaboratively within the one facility. These can include sporting, social, cultural and recreational interests. The Facilities are designed to cater for any potential user whether they are not-for-profit organisations, casual user-groups, family occasions, community events and/or commercial providers.

Sportsville is also a method of operation that brings an economy of scale to the costs associated with providing facilities or opportunities to accommodate the needs of a community. A shared facility space, shared changing rooms, shared fields or a shared administrator are all concepts that fit well within Sportsville.

These facilities become the hub of a community where everyone feels at home and has a feeling of ownership. Run under professional administration systems that will bring a professional level of support to the various volunteers aligned within their respective community groups.

Sportsville has become the preferred development concept by councils, funders, communities and the government body, Sport New Zealand (previously SPARC) with various forms now established and successfully operating across the country.

Sport Tasman has been extremely active in supporting our regions Sportsville projects, with the Local Moutere Hills Community Complex widely recognized as the best rural model in New Zealand.

Currently there are models operating locally, Giesen Sports and Cultural Centre in Renwick, Murchison Sport and Recreation Centre in Murchison and Moutere Hills Community Centre in Upper Moutere, they all have received some support from Sport Tasman.

There are also three other projects in concept only or varying degrees of completion, Golden Bay, Seddon and Endeavour Park in Picton. Sport Tasman is actively involved with all three.

Sport Tasman have staff  with experience in all phases of Sportsville development, from the community consultation process, the design and build stage, the operational considerations and templates required to run a successful Sportsville operation, Sport Tasman can help.

Sport NZ has highlighted Facilities as a new strategic direction due to the potential outcomes around increased activity options for the community from well designed and well managed facilities. Sport Tasman is well aligned with the Sport New Zealand direction, if you or your community is currently considering a community facility upgrade or future development then please contact Steve Mitchell.

Examples of facilities Sport Tasman has assisted are:

Sport Tasman have resources to help and support all Sportsville and Community Facility groups and organisations Governance, Staff and Volunteers, Financial Managment and Centre Operations.  You can download these below.


The “Governance” resource aims to help and support all Sportsville and community facility governance boards to govern their organisations more effectively and efficiently.  This assistance includes the role of the governing body, job descriptions for the Secretary, Treasurer and Chairperson of the organisation, meeting procedures (i.e. AGM), information on the Privacy Act 1993 and Charities Act 2005 and more.

Staff and Volunteers

The ‘Staff and Volunteers’ resource provides valuable information on the recruitment, retention and training of staff and includes many templates for you to simply fill in the gaps.  In addition to this is an employee handbook covering examples of health and safety guidelines and various other policies and procedures from holidays and leave entitlements to probationary periods and performance appraisals to disciplinary procedures and more!

Financial Management

The “Financial Management” resource provides information and support on raising funds through grants and sponsorship and developing those all important business and sponsorship partnerships.  Other financial assistance provided includes tax responsibilities, Goods and Services Tax (GST), annual financial statements, audits, petty cash, and more.

Centre Operations

The “Centre Operations” resource is designed to help with those day to day operations of your Sportsville facility.  This resource includes information and assistance with checklists and reports such as your maintenance and hazards checklists, and incident and accident reports. In addition to this is emergency management and procedures, and emergency/useful contacts list to deal with any emergencies quickly and efficiently that may occur.


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