Softball/Hockey Pavillion, Saxton Field, Nelson

Youth Speak Sport Summit

Date:     01/06/2017

Venue:  Softball/Hockey Pavillion, Saxton Field, Nelson



Date: Thursaday 1st June 2017

Venue: Softball/Hockey pavilion, Saxton Field

In a nutshell, the purpose of this 1 day summit is to gain an understanding of why yr 9 & 10  secondary school aged students may or may not partake in sport and recreation in a school, club or social/recreational environment.

This summit aims to be facilitated by young people for young people. It will enhance leadership skills and problem solving in all of the participants and give youth a voice so the district councils, Regional Sport Trust, youth councils, schools and community sport organisations can see what sport and recreation initiatives and activities could be established in our region.

Refreshments provided

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Lesley McIntosh

Manager - Community Sport

Sports House, Nelson
03 5463339


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